April 14, 2017

Omaha Poker Tutorial App

Poker Tutorial: Omaha 101 – Improve Your Game and/or Learn the Basics

This tutorial will help you learn the basics and/or improve your game. There are step-by-step building blocks to enhance your poker skills in general and improve your Omaha game in particular. You will find fascinating statistics, helpful strategies and a host of “how to” suggestions that will lead to a better understanding of a difficult card game. That, in turn, should build your chip stack!

Howard Hian has been playing poker for six decades. Over the past three years he has played 12,000+ hands of Omaha High/Low and 13,000+ of Hold ‘Em in home games, computer simulations, online and in casinos. The app has been downoaded in over 40 countries around the world.


Purchase it in the iTunes Store here.

If you are an Android person, go to Google Play and search for “Omaha Poker Sutro.”
Think of it as the price of a small ante!